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  • How is the Alchemist's Planner Collection different from other planners?
    The Alchemist's Planner Collection is a planner solution for ADHD and other Neurodivergent minds! But, more specifically the planners are... Undated... Dates give the illusion of expectations. So with an ADHD Planner, you'll feel less guilt without the expectations. Adjustable...A rigid format doesn't allow you the opportunity to ebb and flow. You'll be able to remove and adjust the pages and how they are arranged inside your planner. Thus, giving you the flexibility to adjust your process day to day. Novel over and over...Feel the hit of dopamine every time you rearrange and change your planner. You can swap out your cover, discs, pages, and accessories to feel like you have a new planner whenever you want. Custom... The opportunity to fully customize your planner pages is here! You can finally have a say in how your pages are designed and formatted. Click HERE to schedule a free 1-on-1 Consultation.
  • What is considered Neurodivergent?
    Well, that's a loaded question. But to keep it simple: Neurodiversity was a term coined in the late 90s by Judy Singer. The term Neurodivergent essentially describes those that face challenges due to brain differences that affect how they work. There are times when being neurodivergent can be a struggle. System processes and how society operates can inhibit one's strengths or create additional challenges. This is why I want to share The Alchemist's Planner Collection with you. I want you to feel confident and feel continued strength when using a paper planner.
  • Can I use the planner if I am not Neurodivergent?
    Of course! There are no rules, no expectations, and no judgment when it comes to The Alchemist's Planner Collection. We live in a neurodiverse world, and you deserve a chance to use whatever tools necessary to succeed and feel peace.
  • I feel overwhelmed, where should I start?
    Great question! Trying to find a solution for ADHD is an overwhelming task and you are not alone. A great place to start is with The Explorer's Planner. It is a 3-month planner with a wide variety of designs and formats, giving you a chance to explore and experiment with what works for you. Or reach out! I would love to chat more about what you're looking for!
  • How do I organize my planner?
    Honest, easy answer? Anyway you want! That's the beauty of The Alchemist's Planner and the discbound system. You're able to move the pages around in any order you prefer! More specific answer? Here are a few different ways: To-Do. Journal pages. Business Notes. Calendar. Other Notes. To-Do. Calendar. Business Notes. Journal. Other Notes. Calendar. To-Do. Journal. Notes.
  • FAQs for each planner coming soon!
    Check back later!
  • What size options are there?
    Currently, only Half Letter: 8.5 X 5.5
  • Do you offer dated options?
    The Alchemist's Planner Collection's goal is to lessen the expectations; sometimes dated planners make us feel guilty when it's been sitting in the planner graveyard for too long. This undated planner gives you more flexibility and releases you from the obligation of using it every day. There is room to add the date for whichever days you are using the planner!
  • What is your return/refund policy?
    Due to the nature of the product, at this time, returns and refunds are not accepted. If there is an error or damage on our part, please email me!
  • How long does shipping take once I order?
    As a solo entrepreneur, I want to get your planner to you as quickly as possible! For Readymade Planners, the typical time it takes to get to you is between 7-10 days. There is always a possibility that it may take less time! If you would like your Alchemist Planner expedited, select this option at checkout! The typical time for expedited shipping is 5-7 days. If you need your Alchemist Planner sooner than 5 days, reach out and we'll see what we can do!
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